'I've learned there's two types of people in Iraq: those who are very good, and those who are dead. I'm very good. I've lost 20 pounds, shaved my head, started smoking, my feet are half rotted off, and I move from filthy hole to filthy hole every night. I see dead children and people everywhere, and function in a void of indifference. I keep you and our daughter locked deep inside, and I try not to look there.' Dawg, you think that's too harsh?

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this is the product of an unimaginable amount of boredom and the passion (or urge?) to organize — a character chart for band of brothers and the pacific, and i figured others would like to have some kind of go-to page with extra information, too. :)


Band of Brothers Meme: [3/9] Characters - Richard ‘Dick’ Winters

"Regardless of points, medals or wounds each man in the 101st Airborne would be going home. Each of us would be forever connected by our shared experience. And each would have to rejoin the world the best he could."

Just to be clear, sir, you’re punishing me on the suspicion I may have taken something, the very existence of which you denied, something that, if it did exist, would rightfully belong to me anyway.